The recent acquisition of Adeplast in Romania is a success. Both Adeplast and Sika have been able to profit from the added expertise.

With the closing of Adeplast in Romania on March 31, 2020, Sika acquired the market leader in thermal insulation and in construction mortars. To better understand the market and their customers, and to start the execution of the synergy plans, many meetings, workshops, discussions and decisions have taken place.

Thanks to an additional 350 customers in addition to 400 that the companies already had in common, the acquisition of Adeplast has increased Sika’s market penetration. Sika Romania will use this new market access to introduce Sika solutions in building finishing, waterproofing, and sealing and bonding. The Adeplast brand also allows Sika to access a new audience. Sika is currently perceived as very technical, whilst Adeplast is seen as a “end-user” brand. Thanks to dual branded marketing displays, the Sika brand is already visible in more than 160 extra locations.

Co-branding opportunity for Adeplast and Sika.
Image: Co-branding opportunity for Adeplast and Sika.
Co-branded marketing tool for Adeplast.
Image: Co-branded marketing tool for Adeplast.
First production of Sika products in Adeplast’s factory.
Image: First production of Sika products in Adeplast’s factory.

In addition, Sika Romania has been able to improve its supply chain by shifting first productions of Sika products to the four already existing state of the art Adeplast factories.

To achieve this fast and successful integration, the commitment of the teams has been critical, and Sika Romania is making sure Adeplast employees feel welcome and involved in the integration process. A clear path must also be identified with common goals and targets and an open discussion, to ensure the cultures of the two companies and the different business models, if any, are understood. There is also a need to keep an open communication with all customers and answer their questions.

With all the “to do’s” being successfully managed, the future of Adeplast within Sika is set to be bright.

Daniel Stancescu - Former CEO of Adeplast
"Initially, we faced additional challenges during the integration process due to numerous uncertainties of the socio-economic conditions and the obstacles in the direct communication brought on by the pandemic. Thanks to the warmth with which we were welcomed, coupled with the involvement and professionalism of all colleagues in the Romanian integration team, we managed to overcome all barriers. Today, we are ready to grow under the guidance of the General Manager Sika Romania who skillfully led us through this integration journey, a true success story." Daniel Stancescu, former CEO of Adeplast