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Dear Friends,

Growing by acquisitions is one of the pillars of Sika’s Growth Strategy 2023. Over the past five years, Sika has acquired 26 companies of varying sizes that were active in different countries and markets. Thanks to added expertise and a wider footprint, we have been able to greatly benefit from these acquisitions, with added sales of more than CHF 2 billion in the last five years alone.

Essential for the success of an acquisition is the correct integration and requires eveyone’s dedication. The completed and ongoing integrations have made it clear that the commitment of the teams along with a systematic approach, follow-ups, and clear synergy targets are key success factors. This newsletter highlights inspiring integration stories from Parex and other successful acquisitions around the world and are just some examples of the great work.

Seeing all the success stories across the world has been very inspiring. I would like to thank the countries for their excellent work. Let’s continue on this path and be ready for all future acquisitions!


Paul Schuler


Key Achievements since 2015

>CHF 2 billion
additional sales with acquisitions
companies acquired
new Target Market created
acquisitions being integrated in more than 6 countries
employees joining the Sika workforce
Target Markets involved in acquisitions
countries involved in acquisitions
plants increasing the Sika operational footprint
"Acquisitions are a key element of our growth strategy and, in the highly fragmented market that we are in, allows us to be a key player in the ongoing consolidation process. In the last few years we have had the chance to acquire great companies. Looking back, we find that two elements have made these acquisitions successful. Firstly, learn from their successes (products, technologies, route-to-market etc.) and apply them to other Sika products and businesses. Secondly, we have to ensure that we integrate these companies, otherwise the complexity will be unmanageable as we continue on our acquisition path. This is especially relevant for the management of our Sika brand going forward. " Philippe Jost, Head Construction

Acquisition impact per year: 2015-2020

Acquisition impact per year: 2015-2020

Monthly run-rate synergies have reached close to CHF 5 million in August

Monthly run-rate synergies have reached close to CHF 5 million in August

Many Successful Integrations Worldwide

Countries in dark gray involved in integration of acquisitions.
Image: Countries in dark gray involved in integration of acquisitions.

Realizing opportunities and rolling out success stories to other Sika acquisitions