Quenton Roehricht, Senior Product Manager Facades:

Sika’s 2019 acquisition of Parex did not just bring together two great companies, it also provided each business’ customer base with access to market innovations and value for years to come. Parex will benefit from Sika’s extensive R&D resources, channel relationships, and adjacent product offerings to deliver new products and new opportunities to their customers. Sika in turn now has access to new products and the ability to integrate their existing products into markets they formally did not participate in. As a member of the Building Finishing Marketing team, I am excited to continue to work with all members of each organization to grow the Building Finishing business and the Sika business overall.

Quenton Roehricht - Senior Product Manager Facades
Elise Bolton - Retail Account Manager, King

Elise Bolton, Retail Account Manager - King:

Sika’s acquisition of King Packaged Materials Company has been a whirlwind of positive changes. When I first heard about the acquisition, I thought about the abundance of possibilities ahead. The various divisions, career opportunities and ability to develop within the organization is exciting to say the least. Within the Retail Construction team, the level of energy and enthusiasm to grow and strive for excellence is very motivating. Sika has been extremely welcoming from day one and I look forward to getting to know more of the Sika family in the near future!

Laurentiu Stefanescu, General Manager Sika Romania:

Although I have known Adeplast for more than 14 years, I was pleased to find welltrained personnel that are disciplined, open, and receptive to the new structure. This made a fast implementation of the integration strategies and synergies, under the guidance of the IMO team, possible.

The novelty of the situation has been clear since the virtual signing of the acquisition contracts. The unique Sika Spirit was quickly picked up and in a short amount of time the Romanian company’s DNA merged with the DNA of Sika. I would like to thank all the colleagues involved in this transformation process, who, through their professionalism and also their previous integration experience, have achieved these fast results.

Laurentio Stefanescu - General Manager Sika Romania
Philippe Stoll - Head of Building Systems, Sika Malaysia

Philippe Stoll, Head of Building Systems - Sika Malysia:

In Malaysia, key benefits of the Parex acquisition have been the access to a wider customer base, more points of sales and a higher project penetration – making us the clear market leader in Building Finishing materials. Streamlining our product range in tile adhesives and bonding agents, a clear brand positioning, a reduction in product complexity in order to offer the best solutions to our customers, has been our key focus for the past months. And, most importantly, we aligned our business models for both direct as well as the indirect sales in order to best serve our customers. We are ready to grow together!