Through the acquisition of King, Sika has gained access to untapped markets, paving the way for new business opportunities.

Back in March 2019, Sika agreed to acquire KPM Industries (Canada) Ltd. and King Shotcrete Equipment (USA), also known as King. This acquisition allowed Sika Canada to strengthen its position in the shotcrete tunneling and mining business, the retail business, and to gain access to the masonry market.

Since then, many actions were taken to benefit from both companies and with the integration of 150 King employees, Sika Canada now has almost 400 employees. Human resources advantages and processes are now implemented at King, reinforcing the “one company” spirit.

Sika shelf at King customer point of sales.
Image: Sika shelf at King customer point of sales.
Production of Sika products in King’s factory.
Image: Production of Sika products in King’s factory.

Sika has also transformed into one of the top two players in the Canadian retail market by leveraging cross-selling opportunities offered by both King and Sika. Thanks to this, Sikaflex® and Sika Boom® are now sold to King’s customers, and more is to come. Masonry business with brick and mortar product lines is also a new market for Sika. Thanks to its integration into core Sika lines such as building envelope solutions, the “brick and mortar” products are now offered to existing Sika customers.

Thanks to these combinations Sika offers the full range of solutions demanded by the customers. Finally, this acquisition is a great opportunity to strengthen Sika’s supply chain. With 15,000 tons transferred from Sika’s locations to King’s locations, Sika has room to expand its business with new volumes and new technologies. The King acquisition has been a success and has allowed Sika to transform into a stronger player in existing markets.

Alex Cowman - Retail Account Manager, King
"Using Sika’s acquisition of King as a catalyst for change, Sika has leveraged King’s well developed distribution channel to redefine customers' needs. The acquisition competitively positions Sika in Canada’s growing Residential Construction Industry separating themselves from industry competitors through a one-stop-shop approach. Now armed with an extensive line of residential construction solution products, Sika can holistically target Home Owners and Contractors with volume products like Sakrete Concrete Mix and differentiated specialty products like Sika Post Fix. As a Sika Account Manager, I am excited about future sales growth presented by the acquisition, and enthusiastic about my future growth within the Sika family." Alex Cowman, Retail Account Manager - King