From a procurement standpoint, the integration process with Parex has been successfully completed. One of the key success factors has been the immediate collaboration across Sika and Parex teams at the global, regional, and country level. Thanks to great teamwork and alignment, Procurement was able to lower costs, achieving synergies of over CHF 14 million on an annual basis.

Another important pillar of these efforts was the organizational integration. Bringing two teams together also means bringing two different company cultures together. Overcoming these challenges was essential in order to successfully target projects that deliver quick wins. Furthermore, the foundation for the future has been built, on which the two procurement teams of Parex and Sika have efficiently merged and complement each other.

In addition to the points mentioned above, spending transparency, tools and processes as well as reporting guidelines have been adapted to Sika procurement standards, leading to fully integrated Parex entities. A Senior Category Manager fully dedicated to managing the main raw materials for Building Finishing products has been appointed. Going forward, this will further support and enhance collaboration across all regions and strategically drive business growth.

Sika Parex Americas Procurement Team.
Image: Sika Parex Americas Procurement Team.

 Sika procurement teams proudly look back at an extraordinary integration journey and thank every team member for their valuable contribution. The increased market presence strengthens our future position in procurement.

Sika Parex China Procurement Team.
Image: Sika Parex China Procurement Team.
Annual Procurement Cost Synergies of
CHF 14 Million