Innovation and sustainability are at the heart of Sika’s mission. Two innovative technology examples from the MBCC portfolio underscore the combined company’s technology edge.

Natural lightweight minerals such as pumice inspired the development of MasterProtect NFF 1000 IN and 2000 IN by the MBCC experts. The greatest challenges for building materials have essentially been the same for centuries: high strength combined with low density and good insulation.

The idea behind MasterProtect NFF was to imitate the porous structure of natural pumice allowing for the development of similarly lightweight, noise-absorbing, and thermally insulating products. These products can also be given any shape or cast and can be produced continuously and in large batch sizes. As a result, MasterProtect NFF 1000 IN and 2000 IN can be implemented easily as boards, blocks, semi-finished parts, lightweight construction parts, and much more. The artificial minerals demonstrate many advantages and what’s more, they can be completely recycled.

Herbert Ackermann
"The driving forces behind inorganic insulating materials are their excellent properties with respect to fireproofing, insulating capability, recyclability, and their sustainable production. These unique properties offer many options to building designers and experts in the construction industry." Herbert Ackermann, Global Innovation Manager at Sika

By integrating the MasterProtect into its portfolio, Sika sets a new benchmark for sustainable innovation in the insulation industry.

MasterProtect NFF 2000 IN
Image: Example of insulated double-layer masonry. MasterProtect NFF 2000 IN insulates the wall and holds the facing formwork without reinforcement.
Form and board manufacturing
Image: Form and board manufacturing are possible with the new product family from Master Builders Solutions.
Filled concrete block
Image: Example of a filled concrete block with insulating foam 35 mW / m*K

Xolutec: Durability by Design

The Xolutec technology was developed by experts around the globe to solve the problems of reinforced concrete structures in challenging environments. In particular, Xolutec enables a new dimension in durability and is resistant against biogenic sulfuric acid. The two-component crack-bridging membrane based on Xolutec technology, for instance, provides seamless waterproofing for the inflow and outflow areas of water purification plants, sewage pipelines, biogas plants, and secondary containments (reservoirs).

The coating can be used on a range of surfaces both dry or wet: on horizontal and vertical surfaces, on reinforced concrete, against chemical attack, corrosion, and carbonation. Long maintenance cycles and lower life cycle costs significantly reduce the total cost of ownership. MasterSeal 7000 CR for wastewater and biogas applications was just the beginning. Based on these technologies, industrial floors have been developed with high value for the end user and outstanding properties. As a result, the product MasterTop XTC achieves exceptional mechanical properties like impact and abrasion resistance leading to prolonged service life.

Mike Byrne
"Xolutec’s extreme versatility and capacity to formulate a wide variety of solutions for specific requirements create a new dimension in material technology for the construction industry. It contributes to building trust with our customers, allowing them to meet their challenges." Mike Byrne, CTH Coating Systems
Xolutec MasterSeal P 770
Xolutec Logo