Six months ago, on May 2, 2023, we celebrated a special day in the history of our company: The acquisition of MBCC Group was formally closed. This day marked the end of a journey that had begun 18 months prior: on November 11, 2021, Sika announced its intention to join forces with MBCC.

Perseverance, focus, and confidence of all employees across the globe have paid off: Over 6,000 experienced and dedicated former MBCC colleagues officially joined our company. Together, we have grown bigger and stronger, and are now a leading force to be reckoned within our industry.

Overall, we have made significant progress and the integration is well on track: The base business of Sika and MBCC had very similar growth trajectories in the first nine months of 2023. With a moderate organic growth rate of 1% to 1.5% against an overall quite negative market we were able to gain market shares, a strong indication of trust by our customers. The integrated synergy creation is progressing well. More than 1,000 projects have been identified and in its new Strategy 2028, the Group has just committed to increasing its synergy target from CHF 160–180 million to CHF 180–200 million. Finally, the spirit on both sides of the organization is visibly strong. People understand that the acquisition presents many opportunities for our 33,000 employees. After half a year we’re proud to see colleagues from both companies collaborating very well together. On several occasions during joint meetings, former MBCC employees actively contributed to finding solutions as if they had been with Sika for several years. One result from the Integration Survey that stood out was that colleagues on both sides understand the upcoming integration path. This is key for an overall successful integration.

As the integration has progressed, we have proven time and again how well we complement each other – and how fun it is to work together. Whether it is the expansion of our global footprint to more than 400 sites or the complementary technologies we offer to meet our customers’ needs: We create great value for all our stakeholders. We have a great future ahead, let’s work together beyond the expected.

Thomas Hasler

Chief Executive Officer

Chief Executive Officer

A Perfect Match: Creating an Innovation and Sustainability Champion

Sika and MBCC together

  • More than 33,000 employees
  • Active in more than 400 factories
  • Present in 103 countries
  • Strong global player in construction chemicals

Together, we are stronger! Together we will create an exciting future for Sika, a larger Sika, and a Sika that is ready to grow even further.

Sika Colombia R&D and Quality Control Team
Two researchers in a Sika lab in Switzerland
> 1,400
synergy initiatives have been identified
production transfers
Megatrend Technological Progress
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Facts and Figures

We welcome 6,100 new MBCC colleagues in 65 countries.

Together we are now a strong force of over 33,000 employees based in over 100 countries.

Additional MBCC in
~1,600 PEOPLE
Additional MBCC in
~2,000 PEOPLE
Additional MBCC in
~2,500 PEOPLE