Sika has significantly expanded its research and development capacities in the Asia/Pacific region and opened a new, state-of-the-art Technology Center in Suzhou, China. The primary focus of this center is the development of sustainable and high-performance technologies with which Sika makes a significant contribution to the transformation of the construction and automotive industries. The new center of excellence will play a key role in tapping market potential throughout the Asia/Pacific region. The investment volume is in the double-digit millions (CHF).

After the center in Zurich, the new Technology Center Suzhou, near Shanghai, is Sika’s secondlargest technology center, offering roughly 9,000 square meters of usable space. Approximately 150 experts at the center will be actively engaged in developing Sika’s technologies of tomorrow. By strategically expanding its research and development activities across all core technologies, Sika aims to further strengthen its innovation leadership and market presence in the Asia/Pacific region.

Sika’s second largest technology center
Innovations Geared to Sustainability

The facilities in the new Technology Center comprise cutting-edge laboratories for the development of adhesives and sealants. In addition, research infrastructure has been established for concrete admixtures and CO2 reducing cement technologies. Furthermore, a number of laboratories are dedicated to developing innovative solutions for the construction and automotive sectors.

The center’s main focus is on advancing sustainable solutions for construction and industry and, in particular, on research into materials technologies for renewable energies, such as solar and wind power, as well as in energy storage and e-mobility.

Chief Innovation & Sustainability Officer
"With our new Technology Center, we are strengthening our innovation capabilities in the Asia/Pacific region and are fostering synergies in sustainable construction and environmentally friendly mobility. We have created the ideal framework for close collaboration between our research teams. It will thus enable us to develop forward-looking technologies for our customers that combine sustainability with performance." Patricia Heidtman, Chief Innovation and Sustainability Officer
Worldwide Network of Research Facilities

Sika has more than 20 Global Technology Centers and 100 development and applications centers. The company has over 1,800 employees working in research and development. Sika currently holds nearly 1,600 patent families with a strong upward trend, especially in the Asia/Pacific region.