Where design combines with functionality and durability, without compromising on look and feel -    When stylish, seamless flooring is a part of the building's aura, designer's standard and owner's vision for easy maintenance -

Sika has designed the Sika ComfortFloor® range to meet these high standards with perfection.

Why Sika ComfortFloor®?

Sika ComfortFloor® grey floor with white line design pattern at Medicus Medical Center in Wroclaw, Poland

Stylish surfaces and patterns allow freedom of design

But how?

The continuous, liquid-applied floor is completely seamless and available in an unlimited choice of colors for complete design flexibility. Monochrome, flaked floors, multi-colored and even artistic applications with different colors are all possible. Selected Sika ComfortFloor® systems make it possible to apply different patterns to the floor with a process allowing unique design possibilities. Corporate colors can be made, floors can color-match the walls and countless other design possibilities.

See the Sika ComfortFloor® color chart below.


Soft and warm touch of the Sika ComfortFloor® surface

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Sika ComfortFloor® provides a soft and warm feel, making it comfortable to walk barefoot, sit or stand on and helping to reduce staff fatigue or injuries. It has soft, anti-slip features when dry and is ideal for areas where people use walking canes or high heels. Some Sika ComfortFloor® systems are fully monolithic and compatible with underfloor heating installations.


Durable and robust

For what?

Sika ComfortFloor® is used in high-traffic areas in commercial and public buildings, schools and hospitals and has proven for years how well it performs under such harsh conditions. Due to its resilience, it absorbs wear well and is therefore very scratch-resistant. The floor provides a strong, seamless barrier against water and cleaning chemicals. Should the surface reach the end of its life, it can easily be recoated to look like new.


Customized system quality

What does it mean?

Thanks to the various Sika ComfortFloor® systems, the most suitable system can be selected for each area of application, e.g. a soft version for the physiotherapy floor or a hard version for the corridor with hospital beds. The surface remains the same, only the system build-up is adapted to the requirements. The sealing as the last layer can also be adapted as e.g. a non-slip surface in wet areas or a particularly hard-wearing and chemical-resistant transparent protective layer in a school corridor.

Select the best Sika ComfortFloor® system for your project.

Sika ComfortFloor® grey marbled floor in office hallway
Sika ComforFloor in the canteen and  break rooms of the Oulu City Hall in Finland

Superior acoustics

And how?

Sika ComfortFloor® systems are based on resilient polyurethane that reduces echoing and the disturbing noise of footsteps and falling objects. Select systems feature an additional acoustic underlayment to help dampen noise for the room below.


Hygienic and easy to clean

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Traditional flooring systems produce gaps and joints when installed, which then become the weakest part of the floor and can harbor dirt and bacteria. Liquid applied Sika ComfortFloor® Systems are hygienic solutions because they cure to provide a completely seamless, smooth floor with no gaps or joints - even at color changes in the design or at floor to wall transitions. The makeup of Sika ComfortFloor® does not support bacterial or fungal growth. Due to its seamless nature, it is very easy to clean and thus maintain a hygienic environment.

Watch the videos in the maintenance and cleaning guidance section below.


Helps to achieve healthy indoor air quality

How so?

Sika ComfortFloor® is odorless during installation and use, and it meets stringent air quality regulations. With its extremely low VOC emissions, it contributes actively to a healthy indoor air quality and can be used in kindergartens, schools and clean room environments. The seamless, hygienic surface can be kept clean easily and is therefore also suitable for people with allergic sensitivity to dust.


Contributes to green building certificates

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Using Sika ComfortFloor® contributes points to green building certification programs such as LEED or BREEAM. Certain Sika ComfortFloor® systems reduce noise and improve building acoustics points in HQE (France) and DGNB (Germany) environmental programs. Sika ComfortFloor® is installed without any adhesive or underlay, contributing to a lower carbon footprint compared to traditional systems such as resilient PVC floor covering or vinyl.


Is sustainable and has low lifecycle costs

How can it be?

Sika ComfortFloor® is manufactured based on the latest harmless raw materials and natural raw materials such as castor oil when possible. No emissions are emitted during application. Sika ComfortFloor® systems are installed without any adhesive or underlay, contributing to a lower carbon foot print compared to traditional flooring systems. If the top layer is worn out after years of use, it can be easily renovated. With the application of a new top coat, the floor looks completely new again. Due to its simple reconditioning along with easy cleaning and maintenance, life cycle costs are very low compared to soft floor coverings.

Corridor with Sika ComfortFloor in AZ Groeninge Hospital in Kortrijk Belgium


See Reference Projects with Sika ComfortFloor®

Sika ComfortFloor® Standard Color Chart

We have 72 standard Sika ComfortFloor® colors available, with the ability to produce almost any RAL Classic or NCS 1950 color as required. This wide range of colors is unmatched by any other type of flooring system and allows for complete design flexibility. Corporate colors can be produced and the floor can even be color matched to the walls or to any furniture. See some of our sample colors below, keeping in mind that the colors on the screen are not as accurate as a real sample.

Contact your local floor expert to request a sample.

Get Patterned Floor Effects with Sika ComfortFloor® Marble FX

Sika ComfortFloor® Marble FX makes it possible to apply different patterns to the floor. The process is extremely practical and opens unique design possibilities for liquid-applied floors. Monochrome or flaked floors are the standard application, but multi-colored and even artistic design applications with different colors are also possible.

Learn more about Sika ComfortFloor® Marble FX.

Sika Support

Decorative white floor made with Sika ComfortFloor system at Aloysius College in Hilversum, Netherlands
Applicator Training

To maintain the highest level of quality, Sika experts work closely together with applicators, architects and specifiers by providing onsite support and trainings. Sika ComfortFloor® systems are installed by well-trained applicators. Contractors in the Sika network are offered highly specialized, practical training courses regularly each year.

If you would like to have a list of architects and applicators close to you, contact your local Sika organization.

Sika concrete floor coating application training in Ethiopia
Detailing Solutions

Sika provides tailored flooring material solutions for your architectural design floor detailing with 2D and 3D drawings. We provide general detailing for floor to wall joint coving, drainage details, floor material transitions and more, depending on your project needs. We can also do site investigation and floor analysis. 

Contact your local Sika technical support for floor detailing.

Seamless coving transition detail at floor to wall connection in yellow floor
Maintenance and Cleaning Guidance
Residential Application

Watch this video to see how to clean residential building floors using a manual cleaning procedure for floors made of Sika ComfortFloor®.

Commercial and Public Building Application

Watch this video to see how to clean commercial and public building floors using a manual and mechanical cleaning procedure for floors made of Sika ComfortFloor®.

BIM Objects

In addition to 2D and 3D detailing solutions, Sika also provides general and customized BIM objects tailored to your flooring specifications. 

For general Sika flooring BIM objects, click here.

For customized Sika BIM objects, contact your local Sika expert.

Team working together on digital BIM model

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Local Contact

Contact a Sika expert near you for technical support and locally available products and systems.

Global Support

Contact Sika's global representative in case you need our support in an international project.