Wallasey, Merseyside UK

The charity, based in Wallasey, Merseyside, supports young people with cerebral palsy and helps teach them the necessary skills to help live them more independently. It needs a new floor. Contractors Quest Industrial Flooring was tasked with installing a strong, safe and soft floor. 

Project Requirements

For Stick ‘n’ Step, its classroom floor is much more than just something to walk on – it’s also a place where they deliver specialist education sessions. As a great deal of the classes they run take place on the floor, a fit-for-purpose and high-performance replacement was top priority when its existing timber and vinyl flooring started to deteriorate and become a trip hazard in areas.

Sika Solutions

Contractors Quest Industrial Flooring was tasked with installing a strong, safe and soft floor. Through the specification of Sika ComfortFloor® PS-66 Decorative Pro, Quest Industrial was more than able to meet Stick ‘n’ Step’s brief.

The smooth, durable, slip-resistant, resin-based system boasts excellent shock absorption properties and provides a comfortable surface to learn and play on thanks to its cushioning layers. Its durability and easy-to-clean benefits were also advantageous, as health and safety is paramount for a children’s’ learning environment.

Quest Industrial Flooring was given just four weeks to complete the project, a challenge made more difficult by the discovery that the sub-base underneath the existing wood and vinyl flooring required repairing with a high-strength, early loadable screed that required a week to fully set. However, the new floor was installed within the given time frame, ready for the start of the new school term, and to the client’s full satisfaction.

Products Used

Sika ComfortFloor® PS-66 Decorative Pro

Project Participants

Stick 'N' Step


Quest Industrial Flooring