Brussels, Belgium

The Royal Museums of Fine Arts in Brussels needed to be renovated to increase attractiveness and improve aesthetic appearance. Providing walking comfort and noise reduction became the main focus of the renovation. Additionally, the possibility of design with colors for floors, walls, and ceilings was also a concern. 

Project Requirements

The offered solution has to be very durable as it should bear the daily foot traffic of many visitors. The 1,200 m² floor of the museums was specified to have a smooth appearance, matt finish, and a seamless floor covering. Sika ComfortFloor® system was chosen because it provides the required performance such as underfoot comfort, noise reduction and it has a range of color options. Another advantage is that the Sika ComfortFloor ® system can be easily connected to the existing marble floors. As a conclusion, this shall be a perfect seamless floor.

Sika Solutions

The Sika ComfortFloor® system was the solution to combine all these essential features. After sanding and vacuuming the existing surfaces, a scratch coat of Sikafloor®-156 was applied. This is a solvent-free epoxy resin to be used as primer. The wear layer is made out of the highly elastic, low VOC polyurethane resin, Sikafloor®-330. After curing the entire area was coated with a double-layer Sikafloor®-305 W, a colored waterborne, low VOC, polyurethane topcoat, to obtain a smooth and silky matt, hard-wearing finish. This buildup results in a durable and easy-to-maintain floor, providing walking comfort and noise reduction.

Products Used

Sika ComfortFloor® system
Sikafloor®-305 W