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Introducing the new Purform® Sikafloor® polyurethane products

With the new low-diisocyanate ComfortFloor® systems, Sika offers high-end performance with ultra-low monomer content.

Why Purform®

Sika, as the leading producer of polyurethane resin-based sealants, adhesives and flooring products, takes the health and safety of users of Sikaflex®, SikaTack® and Sikafloor® products very seriously. This has led to our development of a new range of polyurethane prepolymers with an ultra-low monomer content, in order to allow continued unrestricted use of our products by professionals.

Application of Sika hygienic floor system

Meeting the Challenges of Tomorrow, Today

Application of grey Sika Comfortfloor liquid polyurethane floor with hand trowel

When handling chemicals, it is important to keep the exposure to them as low as possible. The European Union has announced a new law to further restrict the use of polyurethane products. The new Sika Purform® technology comprehensively fulfills this new REACH legislation and contains not more than 0.1% of monomeric diisocyanates. By using the Purform® technology for higher-performance polyurethane products with ultra-low diisocyanate monomer content, we can meet the challenges of tomorrow, today.

The technology brand Purform® is a composite of the words “Pure”, “Polyurethane” and “Performance”.

The highest grade Sika ComfortFloor® PS-24 and Sika ComfortFloor® Marble FX systems have been slightly adjusted to consequently reduce user exposure to an absolute minimum. The performance and the outstanding look are proven having been used for years in uncountable projects globally and could even be improved further. This allows us to label these products with the Purform® label.

Purform® Labelled Sikafloor® Products & Sika ComfortFloor® Systems

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The Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) shows that Sika ComfortFloor® systems have a lower energy (CED) and carbon (GWP) footprint over their entire service life than most other flooring technologies.

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Meeting the highest standards in terms of very low emission flooring solutions, e.g. AgBB in Germany, A+ labelling in France, M1 in Finland, amongst others

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Meeting low emitting materials requirements contributes to relevant credits of Green Building certification programs e.g. LEED, BREEAM, DGNB

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The main coats can be accelerated with Sikafloor®-3000 Snapbooster, with which a full system build-up can be applied in one day.

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Unrestricted use and no special training needed for professional construction users

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High wear and scratch resistance, providing a long service life

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Almost unlimited color choice and the special Marble FX pattern

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The accelerated systems enable applicators to be more efficient and apply more products in the same time

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