In need of a concrete floor with an elegant and modern finish that is as durable as they come? 
Perhaps you are going for a polished concrete look, sleek terrazzo finish, or a simply economical and durable dry shake concrete floor. With Sikafloor® solutions, you can have all that and more.

Why Sikafloor® Dry Shake Terrazzo?

Sikafloor® dry shake terrazzo floor is a combination of dry shake hardener technology with terrazzo finish.
As such, it combines a dazzling and minimalist aesthetic with excellent wear resistance in an economical application.

White dry shake terrazzo floor in conference hall in China

Modern, sleek and clean look

Polished concrete is becoming increasingly popular among designers and architects seeking an upscale look due to its captivating minimalist aesthetic, long lifetime and sustainability.

Sikafloor® dry shake terrazzo floor offers a functional solution with a range of colors and stunning appearance.  


Durable and strong

Ideal for areas with heavy traffic that require a stunning finish, Sika’s new cementitious terrazzo technology is a long-lasting solution to withstand constant wear from foot traffic, movement of furniture and equipment or frequent trolley and pallet-stacker traffic.  

Sikafloor® dry shake terrazzo is manufactured from uniquely shaped mineral aggregates, special modified Portland cement, which together react with Sikafloor®-931 Finishing Aid and provides extraordinary adhesion and surface hardness. ​

Light grey polished concrete dry shake terrazzo floor in restaurant cafe
White dry shake terrazzo floor in supermarket grocery

Best Cost-Performance Ratio

When compared to similar products or systems, Sikafloor® dry shake terrazzo has the highest performance, the best appearance and fastest speed of application.

With a competitive price per area (square meter or square foot), your project will not only maximize the ideal looks and quality, but also save you and your project bottom line costs.

Fast and Easy Application

How is it applied?

With Sikafloor® dry shake terrazzo technology, the floor is quick to apply and use.

During the installation process, the contractor can use the same machines and tools he or she uses in normal concrete floor projects. From concrete pouring, the newly applied floor can be used within ten days.

Unique Application Method

Polishing concrete floor after dry shake hardeners application

Typical problems in dry shake flooring applications include surface delamination, visible fibers, plastic shrinkage, cracking, dusty and weak surfaces.

Sikafloor®-931 Finishing Aid is a new generation concrete floor finishing aid and densifier which targets these issues. It is an easy, tested solution for improving concrete floor finishing projects - in quality, appearance, and functionality.  

Sikafloor®-931 Finishing Aid combined with the unique method of application sets the new standard for concrete floor finishing. Colored dry shake can be made in a various number of layers according to project needs.  

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Ideal for Many Project Types

Sika’s new dry shake terrazzo floor is suitable for any space or room that requires excellent wear resistance, a stylish appearance, and ease of maintenance. As a concrete floor, it is extremely durable. The colors and polished surface also create a stunning visual effect. As a result, it is ideal for use in high-traffic, high-use areas such as supermarkets, public buildings, high-end factory floors and more.

Light grey polished concrete dry shake terrazzo floor in supermarket
Shopping centers, stores, restaurants & supermarkets
Polished grey concrete floor in airport with shadows and glass windows
Airports, exhibition halls & data centers
Museum cinema with white dry shake terrazzo floor
Lobbies, museums, schools & educational buildings
Polished concrete floor with dry shake hardener in production factory warehouse using Sika Concria
Production facilities, factories & warehouses

Commonly Asked Questions

What is the difference between cementitious terrazzo and epoxy terrazzo floors?

Cementitious terrazzo and epoxy terrazzo floors both use binders mixed together with aggregates to formulate a hardened surface where flecks of aggregate are seen in the finish. 

However, they are produced and applied differently. With epoxy terrazzo floors, the binder is resin. Whereas with cementitious terrazzo floors, the binder used is a cementitious material.

Sika supplies both cementitious terrazzo floor systems and epoxy terrazzo floors.

What is dry shake hardener for concrete floors?

A dry shake floor hardener is made by combining cement, fine aggregates, admixtures and sometimes pigments. It is applied as a dry powder compound to a fresh concrete surface.

They are used primarily to improve the durability and hardness of concrete floors. This in turn protects the floor from abrasion and impact, while also providing slip resistance, color, and surface texture. Dry shake hardeners decrease the permeability of the concrete surface, thereby reducing dusting and liquid penetration.

It is applied either by hand or machine onto a fresh concrete surface, then power floated and troweled.

What is the purpose of concrete floor hardeners?

Concrete floor hardeners come in two main types: dry shake hardeners (added on top fresh concrete) and liquid concrete hardeners (applied to the hardened concrete surface). When liquid concrete hardeners penetrate to concrete pores and cause a chemical reaction. Dry shake hardeners do not react with the underlying concrete chemistry. Dry shake reacts with the free water in fresh concrete creating a hard and dense layer on top of the slab.

Floor hardeners act as a permanent solution to protect the underlying concrete against chemical or mechanical abrasion, thereby improving the hardness and durability of the concrete floors over the long term. They may also be used for slip resistance or surface texture.

What is polished concrete?

To get polished concrete, it requires a multistep process where a concrete floor is mechanically ground and polished with diamond tools that cut the concrete floor’s surface. The final, specified level of appearance (gloss grade and aggregate exposure level) is achieved and further defined by each cut. The process also often includes the use of a chemical known as a densifier or liquid hardener.

How to get a polished concrete floor?

Though each floor varies depending on the project, here are Sika’s guidelines for a perfectly polished concrete floor:

  1. Harden the concrete with chemical densifiers or dry shake hardeners – where we would recommend Sika’s products for the best results.
  2. Remove any dirt, grime or adhesives on the concrete that may be leftover from previous and current projects.
  3. Next, repair possible cracks and fill voids that are visible on the concrete.
  4. Then, grind the hard concrete surface with a concrete grinder and diamond tooling in various grit sizes (25 – 100 grit) depending on how much exposed aggregate you want the floor to have.
  5. Polish the concrete floor again with a higher grit diamond tool – ranging from 200 grit in the beginning and finishing with an 800-3000 grit diamond tool.
  6. Lastly, protect, seal and burnish the floor surface. Using Sika’s solutions, optimal concrete protection is guaranteed.
How to maintain polished concrete floors?

Tips to maintain your beautiful polished concrete floors:

  • To keep the shine and aesthetic of the floor, remember to consistently dust the floor with microfiber mops.
  • Always use clean water and mops to preserve the quality of the polished floor.
  • Remove chemical spills and contamination as soon as possible.
  • When cleaning, use nonabrasive cleaning techniques and tools.
  • Under traffic and regular use over time, every floor surface receives scratches and wear. The gloss can be revitalized by burnishing and using Sika’s recommended sealer.
  • The original gloss can be achieved by polishing the floor with a 3000 grit diamond tool and using burnishing with a sealer.

Related Expert Knowledge

Sika’s Experts Provide Full Range of Service

Sika engineer consults architect on green roof
  • All components of the terrazzo from Sika
  • Convenient selection with samples and standard formulations
  • Customize option with open specification
  • Expert knowledge from Sika flooring specialists for concrete and screed design
  • Combination with other Sikafloor® systems for commercial, industrial and public buildings
  • Sika-approved application partners guarantee the final quality


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