SikaShield® bitumen membrane shield with roll of roof waterproof membrane

SikaShield® bitumen membranes are widely used in new construction thanks to the variety of application methods and performance features.

Builiding with green roof in the mountains
Two workers rolling SikaBit bitumen membrane apply on roof

SikaShield® - A Versatile Solution for New Construction

SikaShield® bitumen membranes can be adapted for use in both roofing and below-ground waterproofing applications.
Keep scrolling down to learn how and see a few typical build-ups for roofs and underground structures.



Roof Application

SikaShield® bituminous membranes are not only durable against wind, rain, snow, hail and other environmental conditions, but they also come with decades of expertise and support. They can be used in a variety of roof configurations. Here are just a few examples.

Flat Roof Build-Ups

Exposed Roofs

Warm Flat Roof

Non-Exposed Roofs

Warm Flat Roof with Load

Non-Exposed Roofs

Inverted Roof with Load

Green Roof Build-Ups

Inverted Green Roofs
Warm Green Roofs

Parking Level Build-Ups

Concrete Parking Deck
Asphalt Parking Deck

Roof Renovation and Repair


To learn all about SikaShield® membrane applications for roof refurbishment, go to our roof renovation page.


Below-Grade Application

SikaShield® bituminous membranes are an excellent solution for waterproofing below ground structures due to its consistency and high-quality performance. In addition to torch-applied and self-adhesive membranes, Sika has an innovative membrane called SikaShield® W which is bonded to the concrete substrate with a special cement-based adhesive.

Wet-Applied Bituminous Membrane

SikaShield® W is a unique system developed to overcome the most common challenges in waterproofing below-ground structures. It provides an effective, easy and simple application for all seasons and job requirements.

The self-priming, cement-based adhesive acts as a levelling compound and sealing adhesive, resulting in a strong, lasting bond between the concrete substrate and the membrane. This bond helps to avoid any lateral water migration and reduce the risk of leakages.

Man applying wet applied bitumen membrane adhesive with trowel on below-grade wall
to apply
Minimum substrate preparation
Can be applied on green concrete
to install
Application in confined spaces or on walls is simple, easy and effective
Fully bonded
Completely adhered to the substrate

Typical Build-Ups for Underground Applications

SikaShield® W is designed for vertical and horizontal non-exposed waterproofing applications such as:

  • Foundations
  • Basement slabs and walls in contact with the ground
  • Balconies
  • Podium slabs
  • Wet areas
Below-Ground Vertical Walls
Below-Ground Horizontal Surfaces

Product Variations

SikaShield® W is available in different versions including variations of thickness, top surfaces and adhesives - everything to match the requirements of the local country.

Contact your local Sika team to find out which product is available locally.

Roll of SikaShield® W172 bitumen membrane
Roll of SikaShield® W164 W144 bitumen membrane
Roll of SikaShield® W159 bitumen membrane

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