Bitumen, also known as asphalt, is a sticky, black and highly viscous liquid or semi-solid form of petroleum. Thanks to its waterproofing qualities, it is widely used in construction. Bituminous membranes are perfect for waterproofing roofs, basements, below-ground structures, bridges and other structures.

Bitumen technology dominates approximately
of the flat roof market worldwide.
Bituminous membranes are waterproofed and highly
to meet specific requirements due to the combination of different materials they can be made of.
In some countries, bitumen accounts for over
of the flat roof market.
Sika offers the best bitumen solutions, thanks to our
experience and strong know-how in bitumen, waterproofing and roofing technologies.

Build-Up of Sika Bituminous Membranes

Bituminous membranes are a versatile technology. The correct combination of raw materials and layers can offer a variety of performance and durability aspects, therefore allowing it to be used in a wide range of applications. This is just one example of the build-up of bitumen membrane.

SikaShield® Product Range

SikaShield® is available in a wide range of options to suit many possible systems and designs. Our membranes are made of a selective combination of polymers to achieve better properties, such as cold flexibility, heat resistance, viscosity and softness.

The correct choice of bituminous compound is important to keep the waterproofing function across different temperatures and weather conditions (wind, snow, hail). Therefore, various types of products are offered:

SikaShield® P

Torch or self-adhesive bituminous membranes made of mainly plastomeric polymers, such as polyethylene, polypropylene, virgin or recycled APAO, etc.

  • Ideal for hot climates
  • Excellent heat resistance
  • Wide hardness range


SikaShield® E

Torch or self-adhesive bituminous membranes made of mainly elastomeric polymers, such as SBS, SIS, resins, etc.

  • Ideal for cold climates
  • High flexibility at low temperature
  • Excellent elastic recovery and fatigue resistance


SikaShield® W

Wet-applied bituminous membranes made of special polymers and fully-bonded to the concrete substrate by a special modified cement-based adhesive, SikaShield® W1.

  • Ideal for application on fresh concrete or damp substrates
  • Easy, fast and safe to install
  • Excellent adhesion to the concrete surface

SikaShield® HB

Torch or self-adhesive hybrid membrane with both an upper layer made of APAO-modified bitumen together with an under layer made of SBS-modified bitumen

  • Excellent heat resistance and durability
  • Increased elongation
  • Improved flexibility in cold conditions
  • Excellent resistance to thermo-oxidative aging

Key Brands

SikaShield® bitumen membrane shield with roll of roof waterproof membrane

SikaShield® Hot Melt
Sika® Igolflex®
Sika® MultiSeal®

The Global Champion of Bituminous Membranes
SikaShield® is the global brand for all Sika bituminous membranes.

Related Bitumen Technologies

Bitumen Liquid-Applied Membrane
Application of cold-applied bitumen membrane with a hand trowel

Bitumen liquid-applied membranes are the perfect solution for seamless, fully-adhered and safe systems. They are polymer-modified bitumen emulsions which require no torch or flame to be applied. They are available as water-based or solvent-based coatings.

Self-Adhesive Bituminous Tapes
Application of self-adhesive bituminous tape

Sika also has self-adhesive, polymer-modified bituminous sealing tapes which are laminated with aluminum foil on the upper side and contain no reinforcement.  

Hot Melt Bitumen
Two workers applying hot melted bitumen membrane

Bitumen hot melt is a polymer-modified bitumen, either elastomeric or plastomeric, packed in a solid block state. For application, the block is heated and applied onto the substrate, forming a fully-bonded waterproofing layer.

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