SikaShield® bitumen membrane shield with roll of roof waterproof membrane

SikaShield® bitumen membranes are widely used in roof renovation projects. They are easy to refurbish and compatible with most other technologies.

Close up view of bitumen membrane applied on roof at parapet

Roof Renovation with SikaShield® VMS

The SikaShield® membranes were re-designed to produce an effective, easy and simple product for all seasons, without the need for demolition.


SikaShield® VMS is a bituminous membrane with strips on the underside to diffuse any water vapor and prevent blistering. The strips, which cover around 40% of the membrane surface, guarantee better adhesion and consequently higher wind resistance. The remaining 60% is not glued, which creates free space for improved diffusion of water vapor and prevention of bubble formation from residual moisture. It is available in both torch and self-adhesive versions.

The strips cover about
of the membrane surface, guaranteeing good adhesion and thus, good resistance to wind.
The remaining
is not glued, creating free space for improved diffusion of water vapor and thereby preventing formation of bubbles from residual moisture.

Benefits and Advantages


No demolition or disposal of existing base required


For exterior and interior use

surface preparation

Can be applied over damp surfaces or even in winter


Rainproof right away


Available in two versions: heat-adhesive and self-adhesive

for tiles

Tiles can be placed directly onto the membrane (select products)

SikaShield® - An Adaptable Solution

SikaShield® bitumen membranes can be used for areas with high moisture levels or for the renovation of terraces and balconies which could still have water trapped.

SikaShield® VMS can also be included in other systems beyond bitumen, such as Sika liquid-applied membranes (Sikalastic®) and single-ply membranes (Sarnafil®), guaranteeing a safer roof refurbishment.

Here are a few typical build-ups.



SikaShield® BS type is a vapor control layer with strips on both sides to bond thermal insulation boards without special adhesives.




SikaShield® with a smooth surface ensures a full bond with the overlapping layer. It can be used as a vapor control layer or as a waterproofing membrane.




SikaShield® MG type with mineral granules acts as a base for laying ceramic tiles or cement mortar. It is especially suitable for balconies and terraces in either renovation projects or new buildings.

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