Having strong local roots in over 100 countries has been a significant factor in the success of Sika and MBCC. However, it is sometimes important to coordinate on a global level when implementing strategies.

As part of the integration process, three “globally coordinated businesses” have been identified:

Wind turbine grouts
High-performance industrial floors
Tunneling & mining

Coca-Cola Enterprises plant at Wakefield, UK
Image: The Coca-Cola Enterprises plant at Wakefield, UK, is the largest soft drinks plant by volume in Europe, manufacturing and distributing over 100 million cases per year.

In these businesses, it often makes sense to utilize global product brands that are consistent for both Sika and MBCC, implement a common sales strategy, or cater to globally active customers.

In the meantime, Sika and MBCC expert teams came up with their integration plans with the main objective of reaping synergies and increasing market penetration.

In the realm of wind power, for instance, aligning production processes for grouting mortars between Sika and MBCC will lead to synergies. Also, the production footprint increased and brings activities closer to customers.
The enhanced knowledge exchange between the expert teams for onshore and offshore is now opening up new ways for differentiation in the market place.

In the field of high-performance industrial floors, the main Ucrete product portfolio will be extended by complementary PurCem products to cater for a wide range of customer requirements.

Juraj Smatrala, Head of Corporate Target Market Flooring, is also committed to increasing the sustainability performance of his segment:

Sika employee portrait
"We have bold ambitions to save resources, for example in the area of packaging for resin components. We will cut waste volume by almost 90%."
Metro in São Paulo
Image: Line 6 Metro in São Paulo, 15.3 km long with 15 stations capable of serving 600,000 passengers per day.

The underground construction sector around tunneling and mining is the largest of the three globally coordinated businesses. Most of that business will be organized in Sika’s Target Market Concrete, led by Jan Baumgartner. He is poised for growth: “The elements of our portfolio complement each other wonderfully, and this synergy will enhance our hit rate for attractive projects.” For instance, MBCC offers products for tunnel boring machines (TBMs) and injection resins, while Sika specializes in waterproofing membranes, all of which are essential in tunnel and mining construction.

With this complete offering, Sika now becomes a leading supplier to both TBM projects as well as drill and blast tunneling. Given that high-growth markets exist primarily in countries like China and India, a complementing offering will make a significant impact.

Another area where synergy potential is evident is the streamlining of product lines. Sven Asmus,Integration Manager for Concrete Admixtures, points out:

Sika employee portrait
"We have a very diverse product portfolio in underground construction on both sides. Yet, surprisingly, it was relatively easy to agree on a single product offering for similar solutions in each case. In one area, for example, we reduced the variety of products from 61 to 29, achieving the intended simplification that also benefits our customers."

A typical example is the consolidation of the foaming agent’s portfolio used in TBMs, where almost identically performing products were merged into one solution package for the customer.

As discussions progress, Baumgartner and Asmus emphasize that they are conducted at eye level and with objectivity. “In tunneling and mining, we have passionate industry experts. We aim to harness this enthusiasm to successfully implement our integration plans and offer excellent customer service.”