United States: Creating New Opportunities

The MBCC integration in the US is in full swing and the sales teams are collaborating every day.

Sika training
"The overall excitement is high, and we are already cross selling by taking advantage of new product offerings and bundles for projects. There is a lot of cooperative training where we work with our existing target customers on both MBCC and Sika products to provide awareness and create new opportunities given the broader product portfolio for our end users." Michael Mastro, Vice President Sika Corporation – Commercial RSB

The training program was set up with one of Sika’s largest contractor targets in Los Angeles, US. The newly combined team in Southern California trained the contractor on Sikalastic® OneShot and MBCC’s PUMA deck coating system.

Sika teams have already begun to sell the MBCC PUMA system exclusively over its old PUMA system and have secured several large projects for 2024 with estimated sales over USD 1 million.

Sika outdoor event

Gene Shevchenko, ex MBCC, and Joe Vullo, Sika, built a new “bundle” of products that meets the customers’ needs and was also readily available locally.

For an existing parking garage project, two Sika sealants were used in combination with MBCC Deck Membrane and Sikagard®-705L.

Sika products on a construction site
Sika products on a construction site