Morocco: Well Positioned To Support the Local Construction Industry

Morocco, which is in Northwest Africa and has a population of 35 million, is experiencing solid growth. Sika employs almost 200 people in the Kingdom.

In the first few weeks after the acquisition, the local teams from Sika and MBCC managed to turn their cooperation into shared business success. For Marouane Zohry, General Manager in Morocco, the combination of competence and determination was crucial. “Right from the start, we were able to leverage our respective strengths and offer real added value.”

An example is an order for the Safi desalination plant. As a country, Morocco has been busy improving the water supply for the population for years – desalination plants are therefore important infrastructure projects. For the customer Sogea, Sika Morocco is bringing an innovative solution from the MBCC portfolio into the large-scale project: MasterSeal 7000 CR. The product is based on the Xolutec technology, a unique combination of a cross-linked polymer network and high-density embedded inorganic components that provides extreme durability to sealing systems and floors.

However, the key customer benefits not only included the technical innovation, but also the fast delivery time of the concrete protection system. This was only possible because Sika’s Moroccan team had many years of trusted customer access, whereas the MBCC team was able to convince with their technical expertise. Marouane Zohry says: “It was real cooperation and real teamwork.”

In another prestigious project, the local Sika sales team was able to rely on a solution from Watson Bowman Acme. As part of the Dakhla Atlantic Port megaproject, the customer, Société Générale des Travaux du Maroc (SGTM), will receive WABO ElatoDec E elastomeric bearings. They are needed to absorb strong vibrations and seismic shocks in concrete structures. Here too, the Sika and MBCC teams complemented each other for the benefit of the customer.

Safi desalination plant
Image: Unlocking success: collaboration and innovation for the Safi desalination plant
Sika employee portrait
"With our local capacities and team spirit, we are well positioned to support the Moroccan construction industry." Marouane Zohry, General Manager in Morocco

Dubai, UAE: 2023 AMEAP Marketing Meeting Fostering Creativity

In September, the marketing teams of MBCC and Sika converged in Dubai for the Africa, Middle East & Asia Pacific (AMEAP) Marketing Meeting. Ignacio Sanchez, the Local Site Manager, led the team on a plant tour, offering insights into the meticulous systems governing the production site. Following a brief intermission, participants dived into productive sessions with the concrete and construction system teams. On the second day, the team explored the state-of-the-art R&D facility carried by Michael Schmidt, VP of Development AMEAP, and his team. The dialogue focused on the portfolios of all the recently launched and under-development products. In essence, the outcome of the overall Dubai meeting was about building connections, fostering creativity, and celebrating teamwork.

Africa, Middle East & Asia Pacific (AMEAP) Marketing Meeting
Sika employee in a lab

Czech Republic: EMEA R&D Cementitious Screeds Workshop

EMEA R&D Cementitious Screeds Workshop
Image: Participants of the EMEA R&D Cementitious Screeds Workshop

The EMEA R&D Cementitious Screeds Workshop 2023 in Chrudim, Czech Republic, focused on integrating new screed solutions from Sika and PCI/MBCC. It aimed to assess the market fit and potential of Sika screeds across the region. During the workshop, new screed types were proposed for benchmarking. These innovations, including fast drying, flowable, and leveling screeds, offer added value for customers. The R&D team in Augsburg will now conduct benchmarking tests, with results to be discussed in Q2 2024. Imerys Aluminates, a key Sika supplier, delivered an informative speech on the EMEA screeds market, advanced screed development, and sustainability. Juan Izquierdo, Regional Technology Head of EMEA Cementitious Systems: “The EMEA R&D Cementitious Screeds Workshop showcased the power of collaboration and innovation, as new colleagues were seamlessly integrated to shape the future of our portfolio.”

Germany: A Higher Level of Market Success Through Synergies

Market success always depends on how closely sales teams work with other functions and across different product brands. In order to get to know each other in the important German market, coordinate their efforts, and launch joint initiatives, a “Meet & Greet” meeting was held recently. Around 220 colleagues, mainly from sales, as well as representatives from Sika and former MBCC, came together in Ludwigsburg. In addition to a workshop on Strategy 2028, the participants engaged in discussion rounds on topics such as sustainability and digitalization. The focus was on a common goal: to leverage synergies and create the conditions for further profitable growth.

The sales and marketing managers of Sika and MBCC’s direct German business had already met in late summer to discuss synergies. There was great agreement among the participants, especially regarding strengthening the Sika sales organization in Germany, which will act jointly in the future. The customer contacts of the sales organizations can now help to achieve synergies from the market potential of both businesses – either directly with applicators or in the specifications of project planners. Sika scores particularly well with cementitious products, conductive coatings, screed and joint systems; MBCC with polyurea spray membranes and coating systems tested according to the Water Resources Act, Ucrete flooring solutions, and special mortars. MBCC is also strong in building materials in the field of waterproofing and injection technology. The respective products and systems can be excellently combined, especially in construction projects such as parking garage renovations, wind energy plants, industrial buildings, or infrastructure projects. Significant opportunities for additional project benefits arise from this expanded product portfolio.

Meet & Greet group picture