Some roofs may be a highly aesthetic design element of the building and may require custom forms, detailing and features such as unique shapes, colors, roof graphics, branding images, logos or texture.  

Logos and Roof Graphics

Sika can provide a solution to install a custom logo or roof graphics on your roof for various purposes.

Men welding red colored Sika roof graphic onto roof
Single-ply roof membrane with metal rib decorative profile seam
Metal Roof Imitation by Décor System

Metal roof imitation by single-ply roof membrane is an ideal solution for easy, safe and reliable installation.  

Roof Colors

A wide range of standard colors is available, and custom colors can be created on request.

RAL classic color fan deck for Sika roof membrane custom colors
Unique angled modern roof design on residential house with Sika membrane
Roof Design with Special Shapes

If your architectural design utilizes roofs with special shapes as important visual elements, Sika is the roof solution provider with ready expertise and experience.

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