A solar roof or rooftop photovoltaic (PV) system is a setup where electricity-generating solar panels are mounted on the roof, utilizing the prime exposure of the rooftop to sunlight and creating one of the most environmentally friendly roofs possible.

Solar Roofs Offer Many Benefits to Your Project

  • Cost savings through solar power purchase agreements, tax credits and income from sale of surplus electricity, if available locally
  • Environmental win by obtaining electricity from a renewable resource without pollution
  • Reliable source of energy in the case of electrical outage when the PV system has battery-powered storage
  • Stable, relatively fixed costs as PV systems are less vulnerable to electricity rate hikes  

Yet You Must Also Be Aware of The Risks

Possibility of roof overloading due to the extra weight of PV panels and attachments, especially when installed on existing or historic building roofs

→ Ensure to make proper calculations for added “dead load” of entire PV system and choose a lightweight attachment method.

Possible damage due to severe weather such as wind, storms, ice, snow or hail. Wind uplift is one of the worst enemies of a PV system.

→ Design well against wind uplift and other weather forces.

Possibility of degradation or damage to existing roof waterproofing due to attachment of PV system which requires penetration to structure.

→ Choose a PV attachment system which will not penetrate the roof membrane, to maintain the watertight roof buildup.  

Risk of fire due to electricity source being mounted on the rooftop or possibly altered roof fire resistance rating.

→ Ensure your entire roof assembly is specified with fire resistant materials according to local standards.

Our Solution

Our Solution - Complete Product Range

Sika supplies Sika SolaRoof® System - a full range of products to design and build your full solar roof system with one supplier.

  • Sika® SolarMount-1 (SSM1) - an aerodynamic, non-penetrating and lightweight mounting system specially designed for the installation of rigid photovoltaic (PV) panels to flat rooftops, covered with Sika roofing membrane. The key component is the Sika-designed "Sika SolarClick" fastener, which is produced of compounds perfectly matching Sika’s PVC and FPO membranes and is attached by hot-air welding.

  • Light-colored membranes for bifacial solar panels - White-colored single ply or liquid applied membranes with high reflectivity can be used as a substrate for the placement of bi-facial solar systems. High reflectivity of these Sika roofing membranes promote high transfer of sunlight from the waterproofing layer back to the rear side of the solar panels not directly exposed to the sun, which in turn increases the energy production efficiency.
    Learn more about Sika cool roofs.

Sika Solution Features

Sika® SolarMount-1
Sika SolarMount-1 PV panel mounting system with white background
  • Ideal for most lightweight roof structures
  • Installed quickly and simply
  • Lower construction costs
  • No slip sheets required
  • Hot-air welded to the membrane, no penetrations
  • Ballast is typically not required
  • No PV microcracking from wind, snow or other forms of loading
Sika® SolarClick Welding Flange
Detailed view of Sika SolarMount-1 mounting with Sika SolarClick being welded by hand
  • Made with the same formulation as Sarnafil membranes to avoid compatibility issues
  • Welded directly to membrane using standard hot-air welding equipment
  • Eliminates potential for roof damage due to lateral movement
  • Provides large contact area, which is critical for uniform load distribution
  • Eliminates potential leakage points and reduces maintenance
Sika and Centroplan GmbH Partnership
Sika SolarMount-1 on solar roof installed in east-west configuration in Leicester, UK
Image: Download the brochure to learn more

Sika has a collaboration with Centroplan GmbH for the design and distribution of SSM1 as well as for all other PV related topics. 

Sika’s Experts Provide Assistance to Benefit your Business

Unique Services

  • Sika’s experts provide assistance in your project if needed, including design assistance to architects and specifiers and authorized applicator training.
  • Sika can advise how to make your solar PV roof perform optimally, ensuring not only that the PV panels are mounted correctly, but also that the entire roof assembly is designed incorporating vapor retarders where required, proper insulation layers, appropriate fastening technology, correct detailing and more.
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