SikaShield® bitumen membrane shield with roll of roof waterproof membrane

SikaShield® bituminous membranes are an excellent solution for waterproofing below-ground structures due to its consistency and high-quality performance.

In addition to torch-applied and self-adhesive membranes, Sika has a membrane called SikaShield® W which is bonded to the concrete substrate with a special cement-based adhesive. Truly an innovative solution, it combines the advantages of a bituminous membrane with the universal application of a cementitious product.

Close up of SikaShield® bitumen waterproofing membrane

An Innovation in Bitumen Application

Benefits for Below-Grade Application

No waiting
Icon of stopwatch ready faster less time
Can be applied on fresh concrete or damp surfaces
to install
Icon Work Safety
Application in confined spaces and/or walls without torch or solvent-based primers
Icon of magic wand showing easy application easy to use products
to apply
Minimum substrate preparation
Icon Strenght
Excellent adhesion to the concrete surface

Wet-Applied Bituminous Membrane

SikaShield® W is a unique system developed to overcome the most common challenges in waterproofing below-ground structures. It provides an effective, easy and simple application for all seasons and job requirements.

The self-priming, cement-based adhesive acts as a levelling compound and sealing adhesive, resulting in a strong, lasting bond between the concrete substrate and the membrane. This bond helps to avoid any lateral water migration and reduce the risk of leakages.

Man applying cement adhesive for SikaShield® bitumen waterproofing membrane on wall

Typical Build-Ups for Underground Applications

Below-Ground Vertical Walls
Below-Ground Horizontal Surfaces

SikaShield® - A Versatile Solution for Below-Grade Waterproofing

SikaShield® W wet-applied bitumen membrane is designed for vertical and horizontal non-exposed waterproofing applications such as:

Man applying SikaShield® bitumen waterproofing membrane on wall


Bituminous Membrane Basement from Outside


Application of bituminous membrane on a podium


SikaShield® torch-applied bitumen membrane is designed for all of the above waterproofing applications and also including:

Waste water treatment plant in Wroclaw in Poland

Tank Lining

Bridge in Klosters Switzerland

Bridge Decks

Man applying bituminous membrane on a building basement

Below-Grade Structures

Product Variations

SikaShield® W is available in different versions including variations of thickness, top surfaces and adhesives - everything to match the requirements of the local country.

Contact your local Sika team to find out which product is available locally.

SikaShield® W172

Roll of SikaShield® W172 bitumen membrane
  • 1.6 mm
  • HDPE surface
  • Glass-reinforced
  • -25° C cold flex
  • Supplier: Index, Italy

SikaShield® W164

Roll of SikaShield® W164 W144 bitumen membrane
  • 2 mm
  • PE surface
  • Polyester-reinforced
  • -20° C cold flex
  • Supplier: Romania

SikaShield® W159

Roll of SikaShield® W159 bitumen membrane
  • 1.5 mm
  • Double adhesive surface
  • HDPE-reinforced
  • -15° C cold flex
  • Supplier: China

SikaShield® W144

Roll of SikaShield® W164 W144 bitumen membrane
  • 2 mm and 3 mm
  • PE surface
  • Polyester-reinforced
  • -10° C cold flex
  • Supplier: Brazil

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