SikaShield® bitumen membrane shield with roll of roof waterproof membrane

SikaShield® is the global brand for all Sika bituminous membranes.

Bituminous membranes are
and highly customizable to meet specific requirements due to the combination of different materials they can be made of.
Sika offers the best bitumen solutions, thanks to our
experience and strong know-how in bitumen.

Advantages of SikaShield® Bituminous Membranes

Bituminous membranes are a versatile technology. The correct combination of raw materials and layers can offer a variety of performance and durability aspects, therefore allowing it to be used in a wide range of applications.

SikaShield® Product Range

SikaShield® is available in a wide range of options to suit many possible systems and designs. Our membranes are made of a selective combination of polymers to achieve better properties, such as cold flexibility, heat resistance, viscosity and softness.

The correct choice of bituminous compound is important to keep the waterproofing function across different temperatures and weather conditions (wind, snow, hail). Therefore, three types of products are offered:

SikaShield® P

Bituminous membranes made of mainly plastomeric polymers, such as polyethylene, polypropylene, virgin or recycled APAO, etc.

  • Ideal for hot climates
  • Excellent heat resistance
  • Wide hardness range

SikaShield® E

Bituminous membranes made of mainly elastomeric polymers, such as SBS, SIS, resins, etc.

  • Ideal for cold climates
  • High flexibility at low temperature
  • Excellent elastic recovery and fatigue resistance

SikaShield® HB

Hybrid membrane with both an upper layer made of APAO-modified bitumen together with an under layer made of SBS-modified bitumen

  • Excellent heat resistance and durability
  • Increased elongation
  • Improved flexibility in cold conditions
  • Excellent resistance to thermo-oxidative aging

For New Construction or Renovation

SikaShield® bituminous membranes are available in different application methods (torch, self-adhered, mechanically-fixed, wet, hot or cold-applied). Therefore, it may be used in either new construction or renovation projects.

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