It has only been a year since we completed our MBCC acquisition, and we celebrated Day One in over 60 MBCC countries that joined Sika! Since then, there have been many great achievements.

More than 1,000 synergy initiatives have been tracked across the organization. In the first eight months alone, synergies amounting to CHF 41 million were achieved, and our synergy target for 2026 was increased to CHF 180-200 million. The brand integration plans have been defined in eight countries, and the integration is progressing at full speed. ERP systems have been successfully integrated in 28 countries. Not only have we developed a strong innovation pipeline, but we can now also offer our customers an even stronger complementary product portfolio.

My personal highlight of the integration is witnessing the many engaged and highly motivated people from both Sika and former MBCC working together, creating the strongest platform for future growth.

After a year of working together, I can proudly say that this integration is a great success. I would like to thank everyone for their commitment and look forward to an even stronger Sika!

Thomas Hasler

Chief Executive Officer

Chief Executive Officer
Thomas Hasler  - Chief Executive Officer
Ivo Schaedler, Head Construction

Over the last year, our teams have done a great job in integrating the former MBCC’s people, assets, and product lines into Sika. We have also started integrating the IT systems of the former MBCC into Sika, building a strong and effective joint ERP system. We can already see that our joint product offering is extremely strong, based on more innovative and sustainable products and solutions. In this newsletter, we will reflect on the latest R&D projects and initiatives, as well as highlighting many examples of collaboration and success. From regular Pulse Check Surveys, we learned that we are on the right track, our new colleagues are already a highly valued part of our Sika family. I am very optimistic and really convinced about the great opportunities for 2024!

Ivo Schaedler

Head Construction

Key achievements after one year of integration

countries reporting synergies
CHF 41 mn
synergies achieved in the first eight months
synergy initiatives being tracked
new country organizations
ERP systems successfully integrated
CHF 180-200 mn
yearly synergies expected by 2026
brand integration plans defined – full speed ahead
complementary product portfolio